Gertrude Street Projection Festival

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF) transforms Gertrude Street into an outdoor media art gallery, exhibiting works by professional and community artists. The GSPF has grown exponentially since 2008, however the founding principles of art, community and celebration remained to be the strong guiding pillars. Selected as ‘key artist’ in 2008 Barnett has contributed to the GSPF every year through projection installation, performance art or production of events.

2016: Co-production and curation of the Atherton Gardens Precinct (AGP) which included light based sculptures by Carolyn Cardinet, Travers Nash, Curtis Edwards, Xsite and RMIT Public Arts students as well as projection based performances by Illuminate 2030, Mira Oosterweghel, Vinyl Vixens, Artbox Video Jam, Kalinda Vary and DJ Fancy Feast in the Artbox Truck.

2015: Directed and performed in a live performance video art work Vessel, in collaboration with German artist Korinsky and Michael Meneghetti. Production of youth fashion catwalk show in the context of the Uprising Theatre performance Wheel Of Fate.

Facilitation of digital art workshops for young artists in collaboration with artist Carolyn Cardinet to present a sculptural projection work Poly Formable Death Resplendence. The work received a special mention in the Jury Prize.

Production of youth Light Art and Projection exhibition, which incorporated projection mapped raised canvases, light sculptural works, stop motions animations, neon paintings and digital photography.

Assisted in mentoring a young Ethiopian artist Guled Abdulwasi to create work, which was projected on the Atherton Housing Estate (where he also lives).

2014: Facilitation of video art workshops with young people to produce video work Cake, which received a commendation in the Jury Prize

2013: The facilitation of workshops for young people to produce digital works to project on to the Atherton Estate, in collaboration with artist Nick Azidis

2012: Presentation of Immersion a top down, walk on interactive animated rock pool at the Everleigh Gallery

2011: Produced the opening night performance, Vento, Agua, Fogo e Terra that incorporated Capoeira, Didgeridoo and my visual projections.

2010: Showcase of an array of my works

2009: Exhibited my work Meu Sonho (My Dream) filmed and edited whilst traveling in Brazil.

Facilitated animation workshops for young people and educators in the slums of Rio de Janeiro to produce five animations presented in the festival.

2008: Key artist, festival consultant and tech support in compiling all video and animation content to be displayed out of shop fronts and along Gertrude Street.

To view some works click here and here.