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PHOTO 2021 – Warhol Screen Tests

As the Bunjil Place Outdoor Screen coordinator I worked with the Warhol Museum to present The 13 Most Beautiful… Songs for Andy Warhol Screen Tests as part of the PHOTO 2021 Festival. Warhol’s Screen Tests were followed by screen tests  received from the community with live backing music by  Video…

July 25, 2021


Immersion Concept Sketches

Immersion is a 3D virtual underwater experience in which the audience is able to physically engage with virtual sea creatures by simply moving their body in the projection space, becoming physically immersed in the projection light and metaphorically immersed in the virtual world. The work was commissioned by Experimenta for The Experimenta Playground,…

October 25, 2020


Awesome Arts Creative Challenge 2019

Artist residency in Onslow Western Australia to create an art project with the children from Onslow Primary School as part of the 2019 Awesome Arts Creative Challenge. Little Kids Video Art Big Kids Video Art

February 2, 2020


GSPF 2019 – Krump Sessions

Production of event and live VJ performance for Krump Sessions as part of the 2019 Gertrude Street Projection Festival program.

February 2, 2020


Awesome Arts Creative Challenge 2018

Angela Barnett and Roly Skender completed a five day artist residency in the community of CAPS Kurrawang school, 15kms out of Kalgoorlie. With just 36 children attending the small school, the artists spent a total of two hours per day with the students. All of the children were Aboriginal First…

May 26, 2019


Awesome Arts Creative Challenge 2017

Recipient of the Awesome Arts Creative Challenge to take up a residency in Mount Magnet, Western Australia.  Delivery of art classes and large scale light based installation in collaboration with artist Iona McAuly at the Mount Magnet District High School, of which the majority of students are Indigenous. The theme of…

October 8, 2017



Glacier is a large scale sculptural and projection installation that comments on the effects of micro-plastics in the Arctic Ocean and prompts us to consider how we may be contributing to the contamination. Passionate about the alarming rate at which our environment is changing, Carolyn Cardinet creates new forms out of plastic…

February 27, 2017


Gertrude Street Projection Festival

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival (GSPF) transforms Gertrude Street into an outdoor media art gallery, exhibiting works by professional and community artists. The GSPF has grown exponentially since 2008, however the founding principles of art, community and celebration remained to be the strong guiding pillars. Selected as ‘key artist’ in…

April 17, 2016


Monster Mash

Monster Mash: Pushing Up Daisies was a fashion /multimedia show showcasing fashion label Die Pretty for the 2008 Melbourne Spring Fashion Carnival. Inspired by film noir and B-grade schlock horror flicks, imprisoned beauties were trapped in an animated city of ugly creepy crawlies; fashion was their only salvation. Angela Barnett…

July 10, 2014