Awesome Arts Creative Challenge 2018

Angela Barnett and Roly Skender completed a five day artist residency in the community of CAPS Kurrawang school, 15kms out of Kalgoorlie. With just 36 children attending the small school, the artists spent a total of two hours per day with the students. All of the children were Aboriginal First Nations from the local community.

The project plan was for the students to express their identity through creating their own symbol. They were then asked to decorate life-sized silhouettes of themselves and paste them up on to a large scale boards.

Both Angela and Roly specialise in projection art and worked with the students individually to create animated outcomes as well. Roly added a voice-recording element to the project and Angela worked with the students to create iPad video art work. Roly did worked with the students to create video silhouettes and was able to present them as a small projection outcome.

The local children, the community and the artists all got a lot out of the project.