Immersion is a 3D virtual underwater experience in which the audience is able to physically engage with virtual sea creatures by simply moving their body in the projection space, becoming physically immersed in the projection light and metaphorically immersed in the virtual world.

The work was commissioned by Experimenta for The Experimenta Playground, International Biennial of Media Art, 2007-2009.

Angela Barnett was the Creative Director of Immersion, working with  media arts professionals Andrew Buchanan, Darren Ballingall, Christian Rubino and Chris MacKellar.

Immersion has exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria, BlackBox Gallery, Melbourne 2007, Carriageworks Performance Space, Sydney 2008, Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide, 2008 and Sculpture Square at part of the International Symposium of Electronic Art, ISEA Singapore, 2008.

Immersion was the 2008 recepient of ‘The Best Multimedia’ of the ATOM, Enhanced TV and Entertainment Awards .

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